Maintenance Tools

Fencers require many tools to maintain their gear. This section is split into two; the first is of the tool every fencer should have, and the second is additional tools that experienced fencers should have.

Tools Every Fencer Should Have

Allen Key (6mm) - Allen Keys are used to tighten the weapon
Small Flat Head Screw Driver (1 - 1.5mm) - Small Flathead Screw Drivers are used in Foil and Epee for screwing in Grub Screws to hold the Tips in the Barrel
Large Flat Head Screw Driver (8mm) - Large Flathead Screw Drivers are used for the Two-pin and Three-pin Sockets, to tighten them
Medium Philips Head Screw Driver (4 or 5) - Philips Head Screw Drivers are used to tighten the screws in Body Wires (and some Bayonet Sockets)
Wire Strippers - Wire Strippers are used to strip the plastic off wires. This is usually when fixing Body Wires (stripping the end to reattach the wire in the plug)
Insulation Tape - Insulation Tape is used to isolate the tip of the Foil, so that the Barrel and Blade do not earth the Tip via the opponents Lame
Sandpaper - Sandpaper is used to clean Blades, Tips, and Barrels
Polishing Block - Polishing Blocks are used for cleaning Blades and Guards
Pliers - Pliers are used to hold nuts (when tightening Sockets), Loosening and tightening Crocodile Clips, and cutting wires
Scissors - Scissors are used for cutting Insulation Tape
Epee Gauges - Epee Gauges are used to ensure the maximum distance between the Tip and the Barrel, and the minimum distance between the Tip and Barrel when compressing the tip for a hit to be registered (as per the FIE rules)
Epee/Foil Weights - Weights are used to ensure the spring in the barrel can hold the FIE specified weight
Spare Parts - Spare Parts usually consist of: Foil Springs, Epee Springs, Epee Contact Springs, Foil Tips, Epee Tips, Foil Grub Screws, and Epee Grub Screws

Additional Tools Every Experienced Fencer Should Have

Spanners - Spanners of various sizes are used for: Tightening the Barrel on a foil or Epee, Tightening the Pommel of Sabres
Metal File (round) - Metal Files are used to tidy up the Blade and Barrel
Craft Knife - Craft Knives are good for removing Insulation Tape off Foil Blades
Multi-meter - Multi-meters are used to measure resistance of Lames, Weapons, and Body Wires
Body Wire Testers - Body Wire Testers are used to identify where breaks are in Body Wires (some Body Wire Testers will also test the resistance of the wire)
Lame Tester - Lame Testers are the wires and weights used to test the resistance of Lames (these cam be used with Multi-meters and some Body Wire Testers)
Soldering Ion - Soldering Ions are used to connect Crocodile Clips to Body Wires
Solder - Solder is used to connect Crocodile Clips to Wires
Glue - Glue is used to hold Blade Wires down in Foils and Epees
Eye Protection - SAFETY FIRST! Eye Protection should always be used when holding Weapons and Blades under tension
Sabre Gauge - Sabre Gauges are not used often, but are used to ensure Sabres meet the FIE specifications
Blade Wiring Jig - Blade Wiring Jigs are used for rewiring blades
Spare Parts - Sockets, nuts, spring washes, pommels, Crocodile Clips