Competition Equipment

Scoring Apparatus (Box)

There are different types of Scoring Apparatuses, commonly called boxes. All Boxes indicate hits in the form of lights. Generally white, sometimes yellow, lights indicate off target for foil. Red lights for the left side, and green for the left side, indicating a hit on target. There are also cut-offs done in the Box, limiting the time after a hit is registered that the opponent's hit can be registered (as per the FIE rules). More complex Boxes also record the time for the bout and the score. International boxes will also show the competitor's name and nationality.

Ground Wires

Ground Wires connect the Scoring Apparatus to the spools.


Spools are reels of wire held under tension. This is so that stays taught as it is connected to the fencer. The spool cable is connected with a clip to the D link on the Lame or Jacket. The Body Wire (three-pin end) is plugged into the Spool wire.


The Fencing Piste is a strip of metal flooring. It is is connected to the Box via a Grounding Wire. This means that the box can eliminate any floor hits, so that the Bout is not interrupted. Pistes are rectangular in shape; 14m long, and between one and a half to two meters wide (the ones in New Zealand are 1.7m wide). The two shortest sides are called the Back Lines (one each for each of the fencers), and the two longer lines are the Sides. There are two "shaded" areas of the piste. These are the warning areas. There is a line for each warning area, two meters from the Back Line, these are called the Warning Lines. The shaded area is between the Warning Line and the Back Line. Three meters from the Warning Line is the En Garde Line. This is where the Fencers start.


Cards are used by the referee presiding over the bout to indicate penalties. Some penalties can be applied to the audience, or the Fencers Coach or Team. For fencing there are three Cards

Yellow Card
Yellow Cards are used as warnings. In most cases, a second Yellow card for the same offence will become a Red Card.

Red Card
Red Cards are use to indicate that a penalty of one point will be applied against the Fencer. This means the opponent will receive a point. If a fencer has received a red card already, they may then receive a Black Card.

Black Card
Black Cards are used to indicate the Fencer is being removed from the competitions. In some cases the Fencer may also have to leave the venue.