Monday Training: Time Change

Victoria University of Wellington Swords Club: Monday Training: Time ChangeErika Robinson
2018-04-17 19:00:00

Change in time foil on Monday.

**Time is now 6 30pm to 8 30pm**

This will be from now on :)

Website updates

Pisting Around: What we have been working onJezza Peters
2016-07-26 19:50:00

Vinny and I have been working on this website for a little while. This article is to advise what the intention is, and where we are at with it.

The intention of this website, is to enable fencers, clubs, regions, and coaches to record all events and fencing. This then enables the fencer and/or coach to write notes on the bout record to go over/for next time. With all of this data, clubs can choose to do rankings, fencers can check winning rate against a specific fencer based on previous bouts against them.
The other side is the organisation side. We are looking at putting in a calendar system, which enables clubs, regions etc to set up calendar events/series of events (eg for U20's looking to be selected for international events, what competitions they have to enter). With the ability to enter fencing results, we will be able to run full competitions online (with live results on line).

Currently working on
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